the culinary proposal

Our cooking philosophy offers refined and high quality products, which combined with the professionalism and experience of our chefs, will give you a “R4RE” gastronomic experience.

Our culinary proposal ranges from a refined cuisine to a wide choice of grilled meats up to a careful selection of pizzas.

Everything is carefully selected to give you a menu proposal that follows the seasonality of the various products.

the meats


The strong point of the R4RE is precisely the choice of selected meats.

We offer refined meats of various origins, trying to make you experience a gastronomic journey starting from Italy, crossing Europe up to the American continent.

We only offer meats from pasture-raised specimens rich in Omega3 and unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, certified by the University of Bologna.

We seek in our selections only meats with a high degree of marbling to ensure that they are tender and tasty at the same time, with completely different tastes and aromas, to make you live an ever new culinary experience.

the kitchen

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Our cuisine ranges from traditional homemade fresh pasta made from our sfoglina, up to more innovative preparation methods such as smoking and cooking at low temperatures.

the pizzeria

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Our pizza is the perfect combination of selected flours and high quality products.
After an accurate analysis of the flours selected by us, we have integrated the use of the biga into the creation of our dough, a pre-dough used for baking with an indirect method that provides for a leavening in itself, this is then added to the actual dough. performing a leavening function.
This method, added to the 52 hours of leavening and maturation of the dough, allows us to obtain a lighter and more digestible product.